Mission and Objectives of the College

The Benue State Edict No. 10 of 1982, as amended, establishing the College provided for a specific academic plan that included setting out the educational characters of the College. The main stated aims and mission of the College are:

  • Provide courses of study, training and research in agriculture and related disciplines and other complementary sciences allied to it.
  • Offer courses of study, training and research courses at the National and Higher National Diploma or such equivalent or higher qualification or such professional courses in Agriculture, Veterinary, Home Economics, Farm Mechanization, Forestry, Fisheries and other levels which may from time to time be approved by the Council with the primary purpose of servicing the Agricultural industry and the community Promote research and advancement of agricultural technology Emphasize and impart practical knowledge and development of competent skills in agriculture through "LEARN BY DOING" Contribute to the tackling of problems of Agricultural Production and Development.
  • Prepare and equip students with all the relevant agricultural technical skills and sufficient practical orientation so that they can effectively service the agricultural industrial sector and carry out agricultural extension service. Carry out any other objectives that may be deemed necessary to the advancement of agriculture in the College.

With the above noble objectives, the College delivers a quality programme of agricultural training through effective management of political, social and economic environment. At the same time, the continuous growth of the College has been maintained while sustaining a conducive working environment. Training people to be entrepreneurs especially in the agricultural disciplines of horticulture and aquaculture.

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