Ankar, V.I. Maurice


ICT (Information & Communication Technology) Directorate, the new department which has been emerging in institutions or companies in Nigeria since early 1990s was created in the College first as ICT Centre in 2011 following an approval by the then Rector; Dr. O. Emmanuel Gbonko. The approval for upgrading to a full directorate status was given by the new Rector; Dr. Engr. Ahemen, Samuel A.

The pioneer Director is Mr. Ankar, V.I. Maurice, a Chief Lecturer who holds a Masters of Information Science from the University of Ibadan-Nigeria. His area of interest is Information Systems and Information Policy.

The Director is supported by five staff who work in specialized units. The Director reports to the Rector through the Deputy Rector. Organization of the Directorate The new directorate is being organized into five (5) units; namely:

i. Network/Internet Unit headed by a Network Administrator

ii. Software Development Unit headed by a Systems’ Engineer

iii. Management Information Systems (MIS) headed by an Administrator

iv. Maintenance Unit headed by a Manager

v. Helpdesk Support Services unit headed by a secretary


i. Formulation and implementation of ICT policies for the College

ii. Organization of workshops, seminars and trainings for staff and students to enhance ICT skills & knowledge

iii Computerization of the College operations, procedures, records, etc

iv. ICT support services

v. Literature search (browsing)

vi. Consultancy, etc

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