Mr. Odoh Ejoga


Akperan Orshi College Of Agriculture, Yandev-Gboko,Benue State, Nigeria, established CEDS in 2012/2013 academic session in line with the Federal Government Policy on Education.

The day to day running of the centre is under the leadership of a Director who is answerable to Deputy Rector/Rector. The Director is assisted by a Deputy Director. CEDS has three supervisors in the following areas:

1.Taught courses



At the Departmental level CEDS has fifteen (15) coordinators appointed by various Heads of Departments. They coordinate the programs of CEDS at the departmental level.


2.Deputy Director

3.Supervisors (3)

4.Taught Courses



7.Departmental Coordinators

Approved Skills:

The CEDS has thirteen (13) areas of entrepreneurship skills approved by the College Management. They are as follows:

1. Bread/Cake/Doughnut/Meat pie making

2. Liquid/Soap making

3. Beads work

4 .Vaseline/Body cream/Insecticides/Dettol making

5 .Hair conditioners/Cream/Shampoo

6 .Metal joining and Fabrication

7. Carpentry and Cabinet work

8. Budding and grafting of citrus

9. Broiler/Layers prod.

10. Fish Hatchery (fingerlings production)

11. Broom/Basket making

12. Foot wear making

13. Tie and Dye

Currently the six (6) out of thirteen (13) approved skills are being mounted in the Institution. Hopefully by next academic session all thirteen programs will be on board. The skills currently in the program are listed below:

(a) Liquid/Soap

(b) Beads work

(c) Vaseline/body cream/Insecticide/Dettol

(d) Metal joining and Fabrication

(e) Carpentry and Cabinet

(f) Foot Wear

Achievements: The evidence and our achievements are shown in the pictures below:

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